How to choose a diet for a sweet tooth

How to choose a diet for a sweet tooth
 Power of modern man - a scale on one side of which beauty and health, and on the other - an irresistible craving for sweets, dubbed "sladkogolizm." Diet for a sweet tooth -uniqueness diet helps to gain health without hurting themselves in the love of sweets.

Which only "exploits" women do not go for a slim figure! Alluring image of a beautiful nymph who draws the imagination, makes trying different diets, starvation, but the kind of conventional chocolates able to cross at one point and multi-day efforts to bring the whole effect to zero! The most insidious that sweets can cause the development of dangerous diseases, including diabetes, and it is a problem not only lovely ladies, but all the "sweet tooth" in general!

And while ordinary people are waging a protracted war with the love of sweets, as a rule, it is still getting them into captivity, pundits scratching their heads how to win "sladkogolizm." After examining himself "mechanism" occurrence cravings for sweets, the researchers concluded that the cause is a metabolic disorder, and pancreas, actively produce insulin, only worsens the situation and contribute to the abuse of carbohydrates.

Simply put, eating a bar of chocolate or cake, the person receives a sharp release of insulin, which is a source of glucose, it delivers on all cells of the body, causing a sense of joy, vitality, energy recovery. But such is not uniform, and the abrupt supply of glucose in the blood causes the body simply does not know how to get rid of it and stores the glucose as fat, thereby increasing the weight as well as accumulating health problems.

Having studied the scheme of "insulin trap" can avoid mistakes and make their lives happier and safer, providing a uniform body insulin delivery. "If you want to eat sweets - eat them in the morning" - so claims the majority of new-fangled power systems, but this is a major mistake that leads to the abuse of carbohydrates.

If you ate for breakfast something sweet, such as tea with sugar, cake, scone with jam or juice drink, then after a couple of hours you will feel hungry - that you have to release insulin, which, as you know, was the consequence eaten sweets. And if you try to eat lunch, protein foods, such as meat or fish, you will not be filled, as insulin, born carbohydrate breakfast needs to "work", so the feeling of hunger will not leave you as long as you do it he did not give! And your hand itself stretches for sweets ...

So, if you're determined to win their dependence on the sweet, then you need a new approach to nutrition. Diet for a sweet tooth is constructed so that, without prejudice to the rights in the joy of sweets, to maintain health and a beautiful figure.

The essence of the diet: For breakfast and lunch you eat food that contains almost no carbohydrates, and for dinner - enjoy your favorite sweets and carbohydrate goodies, as they say, one hundred percent! At the same amount of food is not restricted, but the meal should not last longer than an hour.

In other words, for breakfast and lunch, you can eat plenty of protein foods (carbohydrates allowable rate is not more than 4 grams). It is clear that all meals should be eaten no bread. At the same time, the release of insulin in the blood - is minimal, and while at dinner you can eat whatever he wants your soul, including potatoes, sweets, juices, ice cream and other "forbidden" - you will not suffer overeating and eating is not so much you think at first glance.

A very important condition for the effectiveness of the diet: no carbohydrate snacking between meals! Such a diet should be followed for life. By following these simple rules, and happiness be independent of sweets person will be a real guarantor of your beauty and health.

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