How does diet "Call of the Wild"

How does diet "Call of the Wild"
 Low-fat diet, "Call of the Wild" helps reduce excess weight, improve metabolism and well-being. Due to the duration of the course and the consumption of a large variety of natural products, weight loss occurs gradually, that absolutely does not harm the body.
 The basis of the diet - only natural purged rich in fiber. The right balance of these products provides a weight loss through healthy eating and good metabolism. During dieting is recommended to use untreated fruits and vegetables, herbs, grains and legumes, roots, herbs. Lean meat is better to eat cooked or stewed.

"Call of the Wild" excludes vegetable fats, sugar, pure and simple carbohydrates contained, for example, in white bread. Should exclude fatty foods, confectionery and flour products, as well as foods that contain large amounts of sugar.

In the morning you can eat oatmeal, boiled in water, mixed with a little honey or raisins. Add to it some fruit, such as apple, pear or orange. Or fruit instead of drinking a glass of juice.

Lunch includes a thick soup of vegetables and a piece of bread from wheat flour. To this dish is not quickly tired of vegetables, you can add different every time.

Dinner consists of a vegetable salad, stew stew of potatoes, pumpkins and unpolished rice, a small amount of bread. Salad should be only from fresh vegetables of your choice - cucumbers, tomatoes or carrots and cabbage. Stew can sometimes be replaced by steamed vegetables with fish or meat cooked in the oven or steamed without oil.

Between meals you can drink a cup of herbal tea with dates or honey and eat some fruit. Also during the diet should drink plenty of water and exercise, as "Call of the Wild" has no effect on energy consumption.

For the week of compliance such a diet can lose weight from 1 to 3 kilograms. A total of its duration should not exceed 3 weeks. If desired, the course may be repeated periodically, but always can not sit on it, as the body needs, and other useful minerals and vitamins contained in other products.

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