Grapefruit diet

Grapefruit diet
 Each diet has some distinctive features: reducing the number of calories, fat elimination, reduction of salt intake. But it should be noted, virtually each menu included grapefruit. This healthy fruit is a hit among other products and is essential for weight loss.  

The secret of success lies grapefruit in its composition. Some of the substances contained in it, (naringenin and bergamottin), contribute to a more effective functioning of the liver and the rapid removal of toxins from the body. And vitamin C, P and B2 will give you the necessary reserve forces.

Grapefruit is recommended as a means for recovery in the event of overwork and the normalization of the central nervous system, so it is useful to drink a glass of fresh juice in the morning and evening. It is advisable to do it on an empty stomach or before a meal, your stomach with the help of pectin found in fruit, could tune in active work, and in addition you insure yourself against indigestion and constipation.

Grapefruit generally very positive effect on the digestive system: speeds up the metabolism and secretion of gastric juice. This is due to the influence of a large amount of organic acids and oils. They also contribute to the rapid removal of fluid from the body, rapid burning of fat cells, purification of the body.

If you decide to include grapefruit in your daily menu, then you should know that the fruit of 90% water, 3-8% of the natural sugars, 1% includes pectin and other useful acid. In a small fruit usually contains up to 45 milligrams of vitamin C. The energy value of 35 kcal grapefruit 100 grams.

To fruit was not only useful but also delicious, you should choose the larger size fruit. They should look heavy and dense. Green hue of the skin does not matter. Do not buy grapefruits stored in the cold, they may lose their useful properties.

Especially recommended to use this kind of citrus people suffering from diseases of the intestine, pancreas, and high blood pressure. Grapefruit, due to its composition, slow course of the disease. But for those who have high acidity, it is better to abandon the fruit, because it only increase the concentration of acid in the stomach.

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