Fat burning soup: Pros and Cons

Fat burning soup: Pros and Cons
 Diet based on the use of fat burning soup, with some losing weight since become among one of the most popular: its creators promise weight loss of up to eight pounds in just a week.
 Fat burning soup was the development of well-known in the United States clinics "Mayo» (Mayo Clinic). Scientific center dedicated to research in the field of molecular genetics and biology, has made a real discovery and dietetics by presenting the "miraculous" diet, which allows a short time to get rid of a few kilograms. The main course of this week fat burning diet has become a low-calorie vegetable soup, which is to achieve the effect should be eaten in unlimited quantities throughout the week.

Recipe main dish seven-day diet of person who wants to lose weight according to the "Mayo" is simple. Soup brewed from six bulbs, two bell peppers, cabbage and celery with the addition of two vegetable bouillon cubes (optional) and spicy seasonings. Vegetables should be cut into small pieces and cook in plenty of water (three - five liters) until soft, then season with curry and cool. The uniqueness of the fat burning soup that there can be no restrictions and even opposite: the more, the better.

For a week, in addition to soup, losing weight allowed a few products. The first day is a melon or watermelon, the second and third - all vegetables except beans and baked potatoes with a little olive oil. On the fourth day allowed to eat no more than three bananas and drink some milk on the fifth and sixth - to enter into the diet of meat (lean boiled beef). The final day of the diet is marked by the addition of brown rice soup and any additional vegetables. It is imperative to drink plenty throughout the week, however, other than plain water, and sometimes - unsweetened tea or fruit juice without sugar can not take anything - especially alcohol or soda.

Effective because of its low calorie diet based on fat burning soup tolerated pretty hard by the end of the week, many dieters can no longer look at the "useful" soup, and yet there it should as much as possible. At the same time breaks are not allowed in the diet: the slightest failure, and Mayo diet should start from the beginning. Against this weight loss method advocated by some nutritionists, recalling that too rapid weight loss is stressful for the body and inevitably entails eating disorders.

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