Diets for signs of the zodiac

Diets for signs of the zodiac
 Depending on the position of the planets at birth, we manifest certain traits. Is it any wonder that the changes in the celestial map also affect the taste preferences? Abused some products, eat a little of others, as a result - ailments caused by lack of balance in the diet.

Born under the element of fire, nutritionists recommend to slightly reduce the amount of meat consumed. This specific feature of Aries, Lviv and Sagittarius - a day without juicy steaks, chops zazharistyh, at worst meatballs or patties. Excess dietary protein leads to purines - substances which are not the best way to affect the joints. In addition, a direct route to the formation of stones. Eat more vegetables, especially petiolar celery, cucumbers, cabbage. One week a month brew hips and drink a glass of broth per day. This drink is very favorable for the signs of the zodiac related to the element of Fire.

Diet for air signs must contain high fish and seafood. Aquarius, Gemini and Libra are extremely desirable, and other foods rich in iodine, such as seaweed. It can be there in a fresh and canned form. 100-150 grams of seafood a day will give you the courage, confidence and optimism. You will feel a surge of energy and reduce the use if a little less of your favorite myasokopchenostey. Sausage, shank, ham and other products of industrial processing can be replaced by similar, but cooked at home. The main difference - they will not be so much "chemistry", in particular sodium glutamate, which does not fit into the diet recommended for signs of fire.

Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo is lacking in the diet of foods of plant origin. As a sign of fire they love meat, as signs of air - no day can not live without sausages, but the fresh vegetables and fruits of the earth zodiac signs are often ignored. Although the salad of seasonal vegetables, olive oil, or a couple of apples, eat in a day, we decided to have digestive problems, which are not uncommon in these people. Also, signs of the zodiac related to the element of Earth, it is recommended once a week unloading sour milk diet.

Those born under the signs of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio should abandon fast utilizable carbohydrates and starchy vegetables. People these characters vulnerable and emotional, they often "seize" insults and bad mood that comes their way. This turns out cakes, pastries, candy, when it comes to the ladies, or a loading dose of beer and chips, as a "cure" for men. Therefore diet for water zodiac signs should contain foods rich in vitamins B, strengthens the nervous system and makes the representatives of these signs resistance to stress. If the need to "seize" the injustice or insult is too high, they are recommended natural dried fruits: apricots, apples, prunes, figs. Just do not buy colored candied fruits. Unfortunately, there is nothing other than an abundance of sugar, and they are harmful for all zodiac signs.

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