Diet "10 foods" as a way to lose weight

Diet "10 foods" as a way to lose weight
 Diet "10 foods" is very original. Its principle is that you need to limit your weekly diet of only 10 products, each of them must be consumed daily. The main thing is that the volume of food per day does not exceed 1, 5 kg.
 List of 10 products for the diet:

- Tomatoes (fresh or canned);
- Cucumbers;
- Yogurt (fat content of not more than 2%);
- Eggs;
- White chicken meat (chicken, turkey, etc.);
- Cabbage (cabbage or cauliflower);
- Apples;
- Zucchini;
- Eggplant;
- Fungi.

Combine foods as you like and cook them as you wish, depending on the imagination. To the above list can add any herbs, onions (no more than 1 piece per day), whole wheat or rye bread (no more than 1 slice per day), garlic and lemon juice.

Prepare meals for this diet only in olive oil. As it happens and for frying and for salads, buy both types.

Can drink green or black tea, but without sugar. Sweet allowed no more than 1 teaspoon of honey a day.

Diet "10 foods" is particularly relevant in the winter, because of its menu includes meat and eggs, which are able to provide you with protein and energy during the cold season. Fruits and vegetables diversify your diet with vitamins, yogurt and normalizes the bowels.

Diet "10 foods" does not harm the body. That it was from the maximum benefit for the figure and health, try to eat more raw vegetables and fruits. Yogurt drink for 1 hour before bedtime and separately from food. Meat cook in the oven or bake on the grill, so it will retain more nutrients.

And remember: breakfast should be dense, lunch must include soup or broth, and dinner is better to make a light.

If you like the diet of this diet, you can not be limited to ten days and extend this period. But whiter than 2 weeks adhere to such a diet would be difficult due to the fact that permitted products may simply be bored. Repeat diet can be 2-3 months.

Losing excess weight after this method of weight loss will be from 2 to 4 pounds.

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