Details about diet "Five Factors"

Details about diet "Five Factors"
 Hollywood diet "Five Factors" received worldwide recognition after the deal has helped many American stars are overweight. This diet for weight loss has been developed fitness trainer Harley Pasternak specifically for its stellar wards. And it really works!

The name of the diet is based on its rules, since they are all connected with the five 5-week course, five meals a day, 5 five-minute exercises, etc. But let's order.

Thus, as mentioned above, the duration of the diet is exactly five weeks. That's how much time is needed to achieve the perfect shape. And what is most interesting, is the total absence of unpleasant sensations dieting as food restrictions are insignificant. Diet "Five Factors" carries very easily, and ultimately - becomes habitual way of life. 5 meals a day - a full breakfast, lunch and dinner, and two snacks daily, with each meal consists of 5 and ingredients. In this mode the feeling of hunger is not likely to visit you, and moral oppression, too, will not.

The main rule of the diet - exercise. Moreover, as the coach, not necessarily pooping yourself strenuous, 25 minutes a day (5 minutes of exercise 5) will be enough for a nice slimming, that is, without sagging skin and muscles. Strangely enough, but once a week is allowed by the rules of discharge of the diet. On this day, you can have everything you want: ice cream, chocolate, pizza and other "harm". This will help to destroy the moral unloading the rest of self-pity, and to see it through.

Like any other diet for weight loss, diet "5 factors" has as its adherents and opponents. Recent argue that this diet does not fall under any scientific explanation, and thus its effectiveness is highly questionable. However, proponents of the diet adhere to a completely different opinion. It contains all the necessary body substances and balanced diet. Diet allows you to find harmony with itself, put himself in excellent physical shape.

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