Ways to speed up metabolism

Ways to speed up metabolism
 Overweight for many people is a serious problem. Poor health and mood, exhausting diets that only temporarily relieve the problem. But most often the cause of excess weight - slow metabolism. Accelerate this process can be a variety of methods and means.

Any physical activity helps to improve body function and the process of burning calories. Running, walking, lifting weights, taking out the trash, any movement - all this will speed up your metabolism. If you do not like to carry out sports exercises, go to the gym, then dance. Include your favorite music and move. Dance rhythmic movements uplifting, give the body burden and speed up metabolism.

Significantly activates metabolism cellulite massage. He accelerates the blood, lymph pumps, restores muscle tone.

Our ancestors from many illnesses and health problems treated using steam in the Russian bath. Steam envelops the body warms up, opens the pores, increases blood circulation and, of course, stimulates metabolism. Together with then removed from the body toxins, improves health. "Banja soars - Health presents", - said in the old days. If you can not regularly visit a bath, go to the sauna or take a douche with a gradual decrease in temperature.

Another important component of quality of life - water. That water is the basis of metabolism. On the day should drink 1, 5 - 2 liters of water (in any form). Lack of water in the body slows down the metabolism, impairs metabolism. Jobs liver is aimed at restoring the water balance in the body, not the fat burning.

Spend more time outdoors, especially in sunny weather. And oxygen, and the sun's rays increase the activity of the body, accelerate metabolism, elevate mood, reduce the risk of depression and stress.

A range of products causes the body to work harder or affects the production of hormones involved in the process of burning calories: omega-3 fatty acids, coffee, green tea, grapefruit, hot red pepper, iodine-containing foods, ginger.

For your body are not only traffic, food and water, but also the quality, restful sleep. During deep sleep, growth hormone, which speeds up the metabolism, helps burn calories, which leads to weight loss.

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