Watermelon diet: pros and cons of the diet

Watermelon diet: pros and cons of the diet
 Among the most popular ways to lose weight is watermelon diet, the advantage is the simplicity and accessibility. It allows you to adjust the shape, not applying to this supernatural forces, but like any other diet, has its contraindications and rules.

The fact that watermelon promotes weight loss and a positive effect on health has been known in the last century. But then watermelons largely positioned as means for preventing renal diseases. And leaving them with the use of weight was an additional positive effect.

The operating principle of watermelon diet is based on the fact that this berry is almost entirely composed of water, so it passes through the body without stopping it. Because the kidneys process the large amount of fluid, normal metabolism. This helps to improve skin condition, which often suffers because of insufficient moisture and lack of fluids. Kidney burden is such a good preventive maintenance and helps to get rid of the sand, if any.

Watermelon diet used in a certain amount, the rate of 2 kg of pulp berries to 30 kilograms of their weight. It turns out that one day an adult weighing about 70 kg, should receive 4 to 5 kg of watermelon to eat. It is enough to not feel hunger. Also in the day you can eat two slices of black bread, preferably wholemeal. Deficiencies in watermelon diet is sufficiently small.

Firstly, it can not be used longer than a week, as, despite the usefulness of watermelon limited its nutritional composition. Therefore, the body in such a power does not receive all the necessary substances to it.

Secondly, it is not necessary to impose on such a diet much hope. Slimming largely carried out by removing excess fluid. Fats are cleaved too rapidly, since calorie watermelon from natural sugars sufficiently large.

Third, people with kidney problems should consult a doctor. Otherwise, stones Moved from place thanks to watermelon juice, it can get stuck in the ducts of the bladder.

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