Slimming: yogurt with cinnamon

Slimming: yogurt with cinnamon
 Spices largely contribute to weight loss; the main thing - to choose the products with which they are combined. For example, cinnamon and yogurt - the perfect cocktail to reset excess weight. The drink has a cleaning effect, which is useful for figure and health.
 It is believed that cinnamon increases appetite, but with yogurt gives a wonderful slimming effect. After drinking decreases appetite and you feel satiety.

The structure includes a cocktail simple ingredients. In one glass of low-fat yogurt, add a teaspoon of cinnamon and ground ginger and schepotochku red hot peppers. If your stomach does not take too much spicy food, reduce the amount of pepper in the drink. To achieve the effect of weight loss, you must use all the components without exception.

It is best to drink a cocktail dinner, since its effect is amplified in the evening. Or drink so you can replace one meal, such as breakfast. If you have a cocktail before dinner or lunch, hunger is reduced and you will eat much smaller portion. Some nutritionists advise to drink it in the morning on an empty stomach. And no need to worry about burn mucous. Kefir coats the stomach, thereby protecting it from spicy food. Spices help break down fatty tissue, and cinnamon is rich in mineral properties. It speeds up the metabolism of sugar, eliminates toxins and lowers cholesterol. That is why a cocktail of yogurt and cinnamon so good for your health.

Eating fat burning drink well by the fact that it is not necessary to completely change the diet. You only need to reduce portions, reduce your intake of fat and flour.

This drink is very useful in the hot summer, because yogurt with cinnamon cold drink. And the yogurt itself is good thirst quencher.

Not to spend money on expensive drinks for weight loss, prepare yourself for a means of losing excess weight. Ingredients in a cocktail, you can buy in any store, and purchase costs will be minimal. Having prepared by the rules of a cocktail of yogurt and cinnamon, as well as following the diet, you will strengthen the immune system and lose weight.

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