Potentially dangerous weight loss methods

 "Wear a magnetic clip and lose weight! "- Calls on advertising, -" Why make an effort when you can just stick a patch or take a pill! "Why not just try ladies hoping to lose weight quickly and without exhausting diets and workouts. But as you know, there are no miracles. And most of these "miracle" instruments and techniques are simply dangerous to health.  

Drugs "slimming"

Tablets or capsules purchased at a pharmacy, not "around the corner", do have some effect - but only for a very short time. They contain stimulants, appetite suppressants and / or weak diuretics, excretes the excess liquid.

These pills really reduce your weight on the scales and slightly reduce the volume, but they do not burn fat. In most cases, once you stop taking them, the weight comes back to the previous level.

Side effects are also receiving the remedies is unreasonably high- From high blood pressure to bleeding in the brain and heart attacks to thyroid problems. There have been fatalities.

Long term administration of such tablets can lead to dependence on them. Especially dangerous products containing:
- Substances from the group of amphetamines;
- Herbal formulas containing ephedra (Ephedra), buckthorn, senna (Senna) and gingko biloba;
- Supplements containing tiratrikol, very strong thyroid hormone.

So pills - is not an option. The best way to lose weight were and are limited in the diet along with exercise.


Fasting without medical supervision is dangerous for your health! Fasting is lost initially not fat, and muscle mass. Fasting for a long time weakens the body's immune system and harms - often irreversible - functioning of vital organs.

Fasting under its own supervision can only knowledgeable and experienced people - leaders fasting, doctors, physiologists, who thoroughly versed in all processes and intricacies. Even if you have no health problems and you normally carry hunger, better to replace a one-day fasting unloading days.


Slimming patches, presumably containing appetite-suppressing agents, have not been recognized neither safe nor effective. Annually patches of dubious origin and without quality certificates withdrawn from thousands of promoters and in the same amounts again thrown into the market.

Magnetic clips

Manufacturers of such a "miracle" swear that the action clips based on secrets of Chinese acupuncture and impact on specific points on the ear lobe can suppress hunger and enhance the production of hormones that accelerate fat burning.

In fact, there is no evidence of plausibility of this statement. Moreover, a few years ago, the Americans conducted a study which showed complete ineffectiveness of these clips in weight loss.

Not for nothing because in ancient China, only one in a million was rightly considered a professional in the field of acupuncture. Now manufacturers clips somehow believe that acupuncture everyone can do themselves. Uncontrolled and lasting impact on the earlobe can lead to problems with internal organs.

Laxatives and diuretics

The weight that you lose due to a diuretic or laxative, it's just water weight. Loss of time and useless, because it does not burned any fat or calories.

But with the frequent use may disrupt the body's water balance, up to dehydration, and even may have problems with the heart or kidneys. In addition, together with harmful substances are washed out and useful, often endangering the health deficit.

Another danger of abuse of laxatives or diuretics - is that in their constant use of the body gets used to such "aid" and after discontinuation of the medication fails to work independently.

To help your body remove toxins and excess water, you need to consume enough fiber and drink plenty of water. By the way, it helps to lose weight much better than any medicine.

Stimulated catharsis

Catharsis method to induce vomiting or the use of emetics may very badly affect your health. Not only that, among the possible side effects are present nutritional deficiencies, irritation of the esophagus by stomach acids and even rupture of the esophagus.

It is also a direct path to the appearance of danger to the life of eating disorders - anorexia and bulimia. The term "anorexia" means lack of appetite in the presence of physiological nutritional needs.

Bulimia - a malnutrition characterized by alternating periods of overeating due to sharply increased hunger, and bouts of self-induced vomiting.

Muscle electricity and miostimulyatory

Electrical stimulator - Is a device capable of conducting than the procedure itself "myostimulation" and other medical procedures, influencing the person pulses of electric current to produce a specific effect.

These devices, though justifiably used by physicians in physiotherapy, are absolutely useless for weight loss. They support a fortress of muscles, improve blood circulation, prevent stagnation in the body, but do not burn fat.

Do not even compare the work of muscles in the gym with this weak twitch. You also can not forget about the contraindications to myostimulation and complications from the procedure. When inept use of electrical stimulators can cause electric shock or severe burns.

Many doctors complain that the majority of patients who come to him at the reception, do not get sick suddenly, and cultivate and develop for a long time his illness through a variety of unacceptable from the point of view of doctors weight loss methods.

So before you invest time and money (and a lot!) In the wonder drug, stop and think: is it worth losing weight health. You do not get important figure mannequin for a week, and only a little to lose weight while maintaining health, what is more valuable than the petite.

Marina Al-Rabac

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