No pain! Diet for immunity

 During the winter season, we like to walk through the beautiful park alleys covered with white snow, skiing and breathe clean frosty air. But unfortunately the winter there are some unpleasant moments that are sorrowful. With the onset of winter begin to blow cold winds, frost on the roads and ice ... And the most unpleasant, with weakened immunity inevitable colds, flu, SARS, that jolt us out of the daily rut.

And we have nothing left to do but lie in bed and take medicine. If frost can protect warm clothes, from the "winter diseases" can also protect yourself. One way - to go to the drugstore and buy oxolinic ointment and other cough medicines. But the most natural and reliable way - to strengthen its forces from within. No wonder people say that health comes from the "belly".

Proper nutrition - the key to your health. Special winter diet will help you not only to strengthen the immune system, but also to shed those extra kilos 2-5. The length of time it takes you about 7 to 14 days.

The basis of "immune diet"

Based on what winter diet for immunity? Its component - complete proteins, whose value is in the content of amino acids are synthesized immunoglobulin. It reflects immunoglobulin "danger".

Therefore, if the body is not getting enough protein, built the fortress of immunoglobulin collapses, open access for infection. Total 100 grams of proteins of animal or vegetable origin in the diet and you are insured against unnecessary problems. This means, in your refrigerator first place should take such products - fish, eggs, meat, mushrooms, soy and beans.

A major role in strengthening the immune system play lipids (fats). They are the basis of immune cells, because of their walls consist of lymphocytes and macrophages. To maintain their important animal fats (lard, grease, cream), including a vegetable (olive oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, nuts, sesame seeds). Do not worry, you will not get better, the main thing to respect the norm - not more than 25-30 grams of fat per day.

Making audit products

The leading principle of the winter diet for immunity - Do not starve, but on the contrary, the right approach to the diet of their food, make it balanced and diverse. Your health depends on what foods you include in the daily diet. List of products winter is not so meager, so you choose. The menu must be present:

Proteins - A dairy products, beans, peas, beans, soybeans, asparagus, buckwheat, lean meats, fish, seafood.

Fats - Various vegetable oils, nuts and seeds.

Carbohydrates - Oats, rye bread and bran, wheat germ.

Fruit - Lemons, oranges, apples, kiwi, tangerines, bananas.

Dried fruits - Prunes, dried apricots, raisins and figs.

Vegetables - Pumpkin, carrots, cabbage, beets, garlic, onion.

Beverages - Herbal teas, fruit and vegetable fresh juices.

Seasonings - Mustard, horseradish, ginger.

Marked as "deleted"

Forget the candy, pastries, cakes, chocolate. Do not comfort yourself with the thought that they are well treated for depression. There are other foods that contain serotonin - oranges, tangerines, bell pepper, carrots. All in orange - psychologically products in paints "sunlight". They will improve your mood and improve digestion. Avoid strong drinks, coffee, canned juices and soft drinks.

Several advantages of the immune diet

First plus - Enriching the body of fiber. Which makes it possible to clean the intestines, which is our second immune system.

The second plus - Vitamin E preparation with vegetable fat and nuts. "Energize" antioxidants, immune cells are protected from attack by free radicals.

Third plus - Compliance with low-calorie food (minus the pastry and sweet products).

Fourth plus - Improvement of the gastrointestinal tract and strengthen the nervous system.

Practical advice

Food intake should be at least 4-6 times a day. Often, but little by little - the motto of power through which you will not be overweight. A balanced diet will provide the body with nutrients and improves metabolism. Dinner plans to 19.00. Should not remain on the sidelines exercise. Pick charging for the use and pleasure. And do not forget to laugh! It turns out that our laughter has a positive effect on the entire body, accelerates the gas exchange processes, strengthens the immune system.

To you it was not difficult to make your own menu, use this example. For breakfast, drink 300 ml of milk, during the second breakfast, treat yourself to 100 grams of nuts. For lunch taste 200g. vegetable salad, 200 gr. boiled beef, a slice of black bread and fruit drink to wash down. For an afternoon snack is well suited yogurt and dried fruits. Dinner - raw quail eggs - 5 pieces, apple and herbal tea.

Good health!

Angelica Kuzmina

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