Lose Weight on stellar diet

Lose Weight on stellar diet
 Today at the disposal of the girls who dream to improve the figure, there is a lot of variety of diets, and choose among them a suitable challenge. There are no universal recommendations, but there are quite a diet balanced diet that will not damage health in the process of losing weight. Among them are those that have been used world-famous stars.

Jennifer Lopez, wherein almost perfect figure, prefers fruit diet. Within seven days of the diet is necessary to include only fruits and completely eliminate the salt and sugar. Occasionally during fruit diet can make a variety of - porridge on the water or fish and vegetables, steamed, are also useful dietary dishes.

For breakfast, such a diet can eat grapefruit and drinking a cup of cocoa, and then eat any fruit except bananas. At lunch - 200 grams of any fruit, 200 grams of cheese and a small amount of dried fruit. For dinner, Eat 300 grams of raw vegetables and 200 grams of steamed fish, and then a couple of hours, eat a light yogurt. This is about the menu - you can vary it at their own discretion. In the process of losing weight should not forget about vitamins, especially group B.

If you have a blender, you will approach a diet of Angelina Jolie, in which the main course is a smoothie - a puree of fruit, berries or vegetables. Fruit and berry smoothies can cook for breakfast and cereal and vegetable smoothies - for lunch and dinner. Such puree should be up to 90% of the diet, while the remaining 10% can be composed of boiled fish and lean chicken. In smoothie vegetable oil may be added to prevent deficiency of vitamins.

Julia Roberts prefers lifting diet, during which lost body weight and tighten facial skin. The main ingredient for all dishes this diet is salmon, which contains a lot of fatty acids, normalizes metabolism, improves immunity and regulate fat metabolism. In addition to salmon in the diet can include mineral water, nuts, green apples, olive oil, fresh herbs.

Finally, actress Gwyneth Paltrow has developed a "British" diet, in which from the diet for twenty days completely eliminated salt, sugar, coffee, alcohol and meat. The first two days of the diet should be unloading, the following two - protein, and two more - carbohydrate. Follow this diet for more than two weeks is not recommended.

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