Diet "to lose weight quickly"

Diet "to lose weight quickly"
 Sometimes girls dream to get rid of extra pounds in a matter of days. For such cases, there are special diet that can give a fairly rapid effect. But that quickly, not always accurately. Such diets, unfortunately, often hazardous to health. Besides, great difficulty kilograms lost over time return to place, and she can recover even more. Therefore, using these diet changes gradually and your lifestyle.
 Very common among lovers of different systems three-day diet protein diet. It is believed that its compliance can immediately help the girl to lose 3 to 5 kg of weight. For her, you'll need the eggs and low-fat cottage cheese. In the morning you cook boiled egg, three hours later eat 150 grams of cottage cheese, and drink green tea without sugar. Another three hours repeating his lunch, and this completes their food until the next morning. "Lean" only in mineral water, it will help you cope with the feeling of hunger.

You can lose weight quickly and in such a way. Take the belt and tighten it around the waist as much as would like to lose weight at this point (just do not overdo it!). Then cook for yourself daily diet: four apples, lemon, slice of boiled lean meat and three crackers. There can not be anything else. Drink more water and tea with lemon. After a few days try on his belt again, the result should satisfy you.

Another Super-fast diet that allows you to lose weight quickly, especially popular among actors. It is designed for four days. Begin it is usually on Wednesday or Thursday. During the first day you can eat as you want, unsalted boiled rice and drinking tomato juice. On the second day drink in unlimited quantities and eat yogurt cheese; you should not feel hunger. The third day, start with any of green tea without sugar. There is in this day can be white meat - chicken, turkey, or lean pork. And finally, the last day of the diet is also of two products - bottle of dry red wine and cheese. Water in this day do not drink.

If you have left at least a couple of weeks, you can try it and such a diet. For breakfast, do not eat anything. You can only drink coffee or green tea. Lunch should consist of apples and carrots, grated (as you can eat). If you wish, you can add a piece of bread from wheat flour or bread. About dinner these days forget. Instead of apples can eat cabbage or cucumbers, but instead of coffee and tea - juice of vegetables or fruit.

To quickly achieve the desired result, try these days actively work out. Do morning exercises, jogging in the park, ride a bike, swim or have a general cleaning of the apartment.

And do not forget that before you sit down to a particular diet, you should make sure that you are not contraindicated. Any rigid diet can exacerbate chronic diseases. If you have them, it is better refrain from dietary restrictions or consult your physician.

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