Chocolate diet for weight loss

Chocolate diet for weight loss
 When choosing a diet is especially difficult for a sweet tooth - in fact, most nutritionists are against the use of sugar. One of the few exceptions - the chocolate diet in which the main component allows you to fight against excess weight, is chocolate.
 Chocolate diet distinctive and therefore is not for everyone. Dieters are allowed to eat only dark chocolate, skim milk, organic coffee and mineral water without gas. Chocolate has a mono-diet low in calories (about 600 kcal per day), so the loss of excess weight is fast - up to 7 pounds per week.

This diet allows you to eat a day not more than 100 grams of dark chocolate or chocolate bars. Daily rate can be eaten immediately, but it is better to divide into 3-4 receptions. To wash down the chocolate can be black coffee without sugar, which is allowed to add a bit of skim milk. It is known that natural coffee accelerates metabolism and, therefore, helps to quickly and effectively lose weight.

When choosing products for this diet, prefer black bitter chocolate. White chocolate is substantially free of cocoa, and therefore can not serve as the basis for diet. Also not recommended to use chocolate having a part of sweeteners (for diabetics).

Chocolate diet implies some limitations. First, it eliminates the consumption of sugar, salt, as well as fruits, vegetables, juices, carbonated water and alcohol in any form.

It is important to respect the fluid intake: a day to drink at least 1, 2 liters of water or green tea, but to use these drinks can be no earlier than 3 hours after ingestion of coffee and chocolate.

Chocolate diet has its poles. Firstly, it allows you to quickly lose a large amount of pounds, which is very important when you want to get in shape, for example, before the holidays or vacation. Moreover, such a diet like the sweet tooth - in fact in many diets "cornerstone" becomes just giving up your favorite sweets. Scientists have proved that chocolate is not only a stimulant of the brain, but also an antioxidant that slows the aging process and improves the appearance of women.

However, despite the many advantages, the Chocolate Diet is a not for everyone. Of course, a major contraindication diabetes and allergic to chocolate or coffee. In addition, this diet is absolutely not suitable for people suffering from diseases of the liver, gallbladder, and hypertension.

Many sources indicate that chocolate diet can be followed for 7 days, and then, not earlier than 6 days, you can spend a refresher course. However, even the most desperate sweet tooth will be difficult to maintain such a regime for a week. In addition, balanced diet for protein, fat and carbohydrates, as well as its poverty vitamins and minerals make it unsuitable for long-term use. However, as individual days of discharge chocolate diet can be very effective.

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