Apple diet - it's delicious!

Apple diet - it's delicious!
 Eat some apples during the day - it's not only delicious, but also useful. Contained in a unique fruit vitamin and mineral composition satisfies the body's need for iron, potassium, magnesium, vitamin A and E, folic acid and fiber.
 Practice apple diet or fasting days a couple of times a week and repeat the course for three months - the result will surprise and delight. Without much effort and hardship you get rid of unwanted pounds, establish the work of the intestine, improve skin and hair condition, speed up the metabolism and excretion of harmful toxins. Sit on the apple diet is impossible for those who have problems with the acidity or gastric mucosal disease. In any case, before deciding, consult a physician.

The four-day apple diet, though, and is strict, but it can not suffer from a lack of sweetness and palatable food. Start with one kilo of apples on the first day, the second day to reduce the amount of 0, 5 kg, and the third and fourth, allow yourself to eat for 2 kg. Be sure to maintain itself with water and green tea, but without sugar. You can eat apples raw, can cook them in the oven (by the way, baked apples useful for its ability to eliminate heavy metals). Eat them right with the skin, since directly under it contains all the nutrients, including vitamin C, in charge of youth and beauty. Avoid eating right before bedtime, otherwise unpleasant bubbling in my stomach will not let you sleep well.

If you feel the strength to continue the diet, stick to it for three more days. As a result, for a week you will notice an unprecedented increase in energy, weight-loss and extraordinary lightness throughout the body. Your blood pressure will return to normal, but if you suffer from edema, then this problem will be solved.

Slightly less strict apple diet involves diet supplement - add low-fat yogurt, some oatmeal in the morning, a piece of unsalted cheese for dinner. Prepare apple salad with fresh greens, dressed with lemon juice, baked apples and eat together with raisins and honey. At the same time, try to limit the portion not to overeat - you are still on a diet. In the morning beneficial to drink a glass of apple juice, carrot juice diluted by half. This vitamin drink tasty and healthful, as it helps the body resist colds and infectious diseases

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