The California Diet: Lose Weight by Hollywood standards

The California Diet: Lose Weight by Hollywood standards
 In the world there is a huge amount of power systems. One of the most effective diet is considered to California, which is used by many Hollywood stars. It allows you to lose up to twenty pounds in just two weeks. These excellent results are achieved not hunger strike, and the best selection of products for every meal.

California-based diet prescribes eating certain foods for five days. This cycle can be repeated, but no more than three times in a row. Calorie intake recommended for each day of 800 calories, which is less than half of the daily allowance.

Proponents of the courses of this diet claim that you can lose weight about 5 kg for one course, and the permissible without interruption three courses lose up to twenty pounds. Over the course of all days for breakfast, you can have a cup of unsweetened black coffee with two small toast or toast, eat an orange.

On the first day at lunch you can drink a glass of unsweetened yogurt or fat-free drinking yoghurt with boiled egg and two dry toast, eat an orange. An hour later, enjoy a cup of unsweetened coffee or tea. Dine salad two tomatoes, two eggs and lettuce, seasoned with unsweetened yogurt, drink half a cup of yogurt or drinking yoghurt with two small toasts.

In the afternoon of the second day, repeat the menu of the first day. For dinner, eat 60 grams of cooked lean meat with a glass of yogurt, tomato and croutons. Meat of your choice: rabbit, turkey, chicken or beef. Treat yourself to a cup of unsweetened coffee or tea.

At lunch the third day, prepare a salad of orange and lettuce. Yogurt drink and eat one egg. For dinner, make a sandwich on toast with three slices of sausage premium, drink a glass of kefir or yogurt. Before sleep, eat an orange and a cup of unsweetened can of coffee or tea.

On the fourth day lunch can prepare your own spicy curd mass of half a pack of cottage cheese with tomato and pickle or eat all the ingredients separately. Pohrustite podpechennym dry toast. For dinner, eat 60 grams of lean boiled meat. A great addition to the dinner will be two tomato and toast. For dessert - apple.

At lunch the last day of the five-day cycle, treat yourself to 200 grams of lean ham with toast and tomato. For dinner, a quarter kilogram of cooked vegetables of your choice, excluding potatoes and tomato.

In order to maintain the achieved results do every Monday of dietary afternoon. For breakfast, drink a glass of clean water with lemon juice. For lunch, eat the dried Crunchy toast and one sour apple. At dinner - toast with tomato and egg. And of course, drink pure non-carbonated water as much as you want.

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