Recipes and admission rules baths slimming

Recipes and admission rules baths slimming
 Bath slimming considered the most gentle way to get rid of excess weight, and they are quite effective. If you follow all the rules of their preparation and use in the bath together with a reasonable diet and physical activity, the weight loss is inevitable.
 In addition to its direct purpose, baths Slimming help cleanse the pores, healthier skin and restore its elasticity. After a course of treatments disappears "orange peel" skin looks healthier, it becomes smooth and velvety. As components are used for baths herbal infusions, turpentine, bran, honey, milk, etc.

The famous Cleopatra milk bath really has a miraculous effect - a mixture of warm milk and honey stirred in a separate bowl and then poured into the prepared beforehand bath with warm water. Take a bath for half an hour and practice such procedure a couple of times a week - your skin is transformed, becomes velvety, and along the way you get rid of excess body fat.

Herbal preparations for baths improve metabolism and increase the excretion of toxins - use lime blossom, sage, oregano, birch leaves, nettles, and so on. Mix grass violets, buckthorn bark, licorice root, knotweed pepper and brew 4 tablespoons of mixture of a liter of boiling water. Strain the broth and pour into a hot bath - follow the procedure daily for 14 days, then take a break for a couple of weeks. If necessary, repeat. These baths help to improve metabolism.

Pine baths have a tonic effect and contribute to the elimination of toxins - brew fresh needles or dissolve in water pine extract. Broth raspberry displays the excess fluid from the body, as it has diaphoretic effect. If you mix the dry leaves of raspberry and lime color, you get a double benefit - will accelerate the excretion of salts and excess fluid, as well as a reduction in body fat. Very effective salt, mustard, turpentine and soda baths - they can be alternated.

Bath diet usually take sitting - the body must be in the water only to the waist. Do not start the procedure immediately after a meal - wait at least two hours. After the bath is also recommended to wait and not to eat for a while. If during bathing appear unpleasant sensations in the form of hot flushes, palpitations or nausea, the procedure should be stopped as soon as possible examined by a doctor.

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