Kefir diet - a quick way to lose weight

Kefir diet - a quick way to lose weight
 Any fast diet is "hard", so before you take the recommendations for its use, should consult a doctor. If health permits, kefir diet - an effective way to lose weight in the short term.
 About kefir diet, most people know through the TV and music stars, to advertise the product. The basis of this power system during the discharge of the week was kefir - a fermented milk product, which has long been used as a remedy for the treatment of metabolic disorders in the body. With yogurt can improve the bowel, rejuvenate skin, it contains many vitamins and minerals.

If a person does not have a chronic illness, in three days he kefir diet can lose 3-4 pounds of weight. But such a diet is the hardest. You will have a day to drink half a liter of yogurt, divide them into several stages.

The three-day kefir-fruit diet allows you to lose 3 kg. It differs from a purely kefir diet that along with the consumption of fermented milk product can eat vegetables and fruits.

Who find it difficult to cope with hunger, recommended "striped" kefir technique. Day kefir diet alternated with the usual day supply. On the individual depends on the number of lost pounds.

Kefir diet stars lasts for 9 days, during this time you can remove up to 10 extra pounds. The basic product for the first three days of the diet is 1% fat yogurt combined with 100 grams of rice boiled without salt or butter. The next three days should drink kefir is boiled without salt chicken at 100 In the last three days of the diet, along with yogurt must be eaten fresh apples. Out of this fairly rigid diet should be gradually, slowly adding to the diet of healthy foods, not to harm health.

Lose weight fast on as hard as you fix the result, so it is worth considering the revision of the daily diet. From roasted better to refuse, and the food intake significantly reduced. Should not eat pork and lamb, better go for fish and chicken.

Sit on kefir diet is often recommended, but arrange fasting days, based on its principles, once a week, it is quite reasonable. This way of eating will help to part with subcutaneous fat, removing those extra pounds within a month.

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