Cucumber Diet: minus 7 kg per week

Cucumber Diet: minus 7 kg per week
 Cucumber diet helps lose weight, cleanse the body of toxins and improve your health. 7 days out 7-8 pounds overweight. But there is one drawback - cucumbers without nitrates can be bought only in the summer, so in winter adhere to such a diet will not work.  
 Cucumber diet strict enough in advance so should consult a doctor and get tested. If you have any serious health problems, adhere to the ascetic power is highly undesirable. Also cucumber diet is not suitable for adolescents, pregnant and lactating women. No need to take risks in the pursuit of a perfect figure!

The basic diet diet - fresh cucumbers. They are 95% water, the remaining 5% are vitamins, minerals and trace elements. That is why cucumbers perfectly clean the intestines, improve skin condition and have a slight diuretic effect. Be careful, this vegetable can trigger the development of diarrhea, so completely switch it best during the weekend.

During the day, eat about 1, 5 kg of fresh cucumbers. You should eat them for breakfast and lunch, and dinner. To the menu did not seem too boring, sometimes making a salad with the addition of greens, garlic cloves and olive or sunflower oil. Twice a week Eat 1-2 boiled eggs without salt. In the evening you can eat an apple or pear.

If during the day you feel unwell, to avoid severe dizziness or fainting, drink a glass of buttermilk or sweet green tea. In extreme cases, increase the number of cucumbers a day, and Served with a spoon of sour cream. At lunch is not prohibited, there are several pieces of black bread, but especially not get carried away, or you will lose a little extra weight.

Adhere cucumber diet for more than seven days, you can not, the body weakens. On the eighth day begin to eat soups, light meals. Do not overload the digestive organs immediately fatty and unhealthy foods - may be nausea and abdominal discomfort. Gradual transition to eating habits.

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