Apple diet: advantages, disadvantages, contraindications

Apple diet: advantages, disadvantages, contraindications
 Tasty, affordable, easy and economical - so you can respond to the apple diet. Moreover, it is effective and useful, and therefore ideal growing thin ladies. But, of course, with such a power supply system has its own characteristics.
 Slimming use apples not only convenient, but also wisely. After all, they comprised a large number of vitamins and minerals that promote good digestion. Also this fruit displays excess cholesterol and normalizes metabolism. Contained in its peel vitamin C and quercetin protected the body from the effects of negative factors and enhance its protective function. A pectin and fiber able to neutralize and purify the body, even from poisonous substances. Such a number of positive aspects convinces us that the apple diet - a good way to not only lose a few extra pounds, but also fill your body with vitamins.

But it is worth noting that a number of contraindications and nuances that is the apple diet, are its obvious drawbacks. For example, ulcer, gastritis (high acidity) and deskinezii biliary tract can only eat sweet apples in cheese and baked version. If human gastric juice is produced in a small quantity, on the contrary, must have acid apples. In chronic colitis and urolithiasis need apples grind into a puree, and only then eat. If a person allergic reactions, no matter how it happens, it is best to eat only apples green color because the red and yellow can trigger allergies.

Adhere to the apple diet can be in different versions, so you have the option to choose the one that suits you:

- Throughout the day to eat 1, 5 kg of apples. You do not need to drink fluids - it is sufficient in fruit. This is the toughest but also the most efficient option;
- Eat apples in any amount, but be sure to drink a decoction of chamomile or mint. They will strengthen the effectiveness and beneficial impact on the nervous system;
- The first and last day of the diet (it lasts for 7 days) to eat 1 kg of apples, and others - to 1, 5 kg. Drinking green tea. In a pinch, you can afford a few crackers;
- Divide the meals into 6 parts. For once you can eat only one apple and drink 100 grams of yogurt.

Remember that the apple diet effective, but not to gain weight after weight loss, you should adhere to proper nutrition.

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