Working in the office: that threatens your health?

Working in the office: that threatens your health?
 Modern office is a functional space with all kinds of office equipment and household appliances. Its specificity requires a certain format works, mostly, it is sedentary work at the computer. Such passivity is bound to affect the health of employees.  
 One of the factors that are harmful to health, a lack of exercise. Physical inactivity - a violation of the entire system of the body due to a sedentary lifestyle. In fact, the motor activity of the modern employee sorely lacking, and yet considered what to do on the day of not less than ten thousand steps to the heart and pressure were normal.

Additionally, the backbone is a constant voltage. If a computer monitor costs low, can form a slouch if too high - low back pain (due to prolonged stress of the cervical).

Another "surprise" sedentary work - poor circulation in the lower extremities and pelvic organs. And this leads to varicose veins and hemorrhoids. Try to walk whenever possible, to make a few simple movements such as squats, bending. Arrange your workplace comfortable.

We can not say about the vision. It can spoil very quickly if you do not observe basic hygiene rules. Proper lighting, location of the monitor no closer than 50 cm from the eye, the use of LCD monitors - is a guarantee of preservation. It is useful and special exercises for the eyes, is very simple and does not require major distraction from work. Just sit a couple of minutes with your eyes closed, make a circular motion through the eyes, blinked. Do not be afraid: colleagues will understand you correctly.

Microclimate of the modern office, stuffed with dust collectors, humidifiers, ozone generators, oddly enough, is also not conducive to recovery.

Austrian researchers found in the air of such premises active oxidant - ozone. It reacts with lipid body sebum. The products of this reaction - carboxyls and carbonite - cause upper respiratory tract problems.

Ventilate the room more often, walk around in the fresh air during the lunch break, walk as much as possible on foot, and health problems will not prevent you to live and work.

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