Weigh yourself every day?

Weigh yourself every day?
 If you have a home scales, do not rush to get up on them daily. This practice is not a witness to your achievements or failures. If you know the reasons for which there are fluctuations in weight, it will correctly assess the results of the diet and not to reach for the weights daily.

70% of those who weighed daily, forget that the body weight is affected by several factors: the weight of water, fat, muscle. Therefore, daily weight fluctuations, it does not matter in greater or smaller side, absolutely normal and depend on water retention in the body glycogen stores and food intake.

Water and salt.

On the amount of water in the body affects how much fluid you drink. Strange as it did not look, but the less water you drink, the more it stays in the body and weight increases. But be careful: after drinking a glass of water before weighing, and standing on the scales, you will see only the total weight of the body at a given time, that has little to do with a planned weight loss.

Big salt intake also contributes to the retention of moisture in the body. Consume more salt - liquid lingered in the body, which means that the scales increased in a big way.

Weight and menstruation.

If you weighed every day, do not forget that before the onset of menstruation a woman's body as well retains moisture. This is due to changes in the level of the hormones estrogen and progesterone. When menstruation cycle ends automatically excess moisture out and the weight is restored.


Consumable food itself has a certain weight, so dense lunch or dinner can add an additional 1-2 kg. If you weighed daily, do it only in the morning on an empty stomach.

Weighing and breakdowns.

Too frequent weighing can lead to breakdowns. If the weight is gone, you can relax and allow yourself too much. If he stands or slightly increased, it can spoil the mood of the lack of results.

Of course, in the daily weigh-in has its advantages: continuous monitoring, the ability to identify products that prevent weight loss. But on the other hand, you do not lose weight for the sake of the numbers on the scale. This is only an indirect confirmation of your condition. Much better to judge the weight reduction in volume and the current state of health, and even, in the opinion of friends and relatives.

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