Sleep - 8:00 health

Sleep - 8:00 health
 Strong, quiet sleep, along with proper diet and reasonable physical activity is essential to the preservation of health, vitality, energy, and even human beauty for years to come. At the time, when you sleep, the body is undergoing important regenerative processes, so you remain productive the whole next day. If sleep is disturbed, the work will not be complete.
 Moreover, the researchers concluded that people who sleep enough, increases the risk of heart and vascular disease. Lack of sleep can lead to depression, obesity and diabetes. Because those who do not rest, often remain in a state of extreme emotional arousal (this is the feature of an organism), they are particularly grouchy and irritable, unable to concentrate, which is dangerous when performing work requiring high precision, as well as for drivers.

Sleep deficit is reflected in the appearance. If you spend a sleepless night, then at least get the circles and bags under the eyes, pale skin with a grayish tinge. Therefore, any doctor will advise you set for yourself time to sleep and well stick with it, trying to live on a single schedule and on weekdays and weekends. Unfortunately, many people, even going to bed on time, with difficulty falling asleep, sleep poorly and wake up not rested. What to do as quickly as possible to serve the kingdom of Morpheus and sleep soundly?

Firstly, it is important not to overeat before going to bed. Of course, there are people who wake up from hunger. If you there is a problem, then at bedtime allowed to eat something light, high in carbohydrates. Scientists claim that carbohydrates have "sleepy" effect, due to which many developing sleepiness after lunch.

Inadmissible before bedtime drink tea, coffee, cocoa or alcohol. And it is not helpful at this time of mental and physical stress. Although a short walk for an hour before bedtime can not hurt.

Sleep help strengthen glass of warm milk or a little water with a teaspoon of honey, a pleasant, relaxing music, a little boring book and a warm bath. She can devote 10-12 minutes. To enhance the effect, you can drip into the water essential oil - basil, lavender, lemon balm, marjoram, sandalwood and chamomile.

Before going to bed, ventilate the room. When warm, open window or a window is better to leave on all night. In addition, in a bedroom should not hold a lot of colors, because they absorb nighttime oxygen releasing carbon dioxide that will certainly affect your health. Curtain window curtains to the moon or street lights do not interfere with your normal sleep.

Your pillow should be soft and comfortable. Mattress - not too soft, but not hard. If you put on night clothes, try to find an easy, comfortable and made of natural fabrics.

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