Seven habits that rob us of the power

Seven habits that rob us of the power
 Have you ever over what is the cause of our fatigue? Of course, all the answers, it is primarily the work and study, which throughout the day suck the energy out of us. However, it is worth reflecting on and habits that are depleting our strength. Such habits, there are at least seven.

First, regular lack of sleep.
Accelerated pace of life, causes us to sacrifice sleep to catch a lot of important things to do. Previously, people spent on sleep 8 hours whereas today, a man sometimes fails to sleep for more than 6, 5 hours. Attempts to regain his strength for the whole week long sleep on Friday do not correct the situation, according to scientists. Constant lack of sleep leads to irritability, depression and obesity.

Second: the constant exhausting diets.
"Lovers" diets - is, first of all, those who successfully reach their goals and lose weight.
Second, those who oppose this venture without showing willpower.
Third, those who did not leave the idea, even after a series of setbacks, and they, more than others undermine their vitality. They reproach themselves for failure cherished goal and continue to harass the body, although they could achieve better results with the help of exercise.

Third, chronic pain.
The man is so afraid of the visit to the doctor, that ignore their ailments. It is noteworthy that in the same group, there can be referred as suffering from physical disabilities and people with psychological disorders, because the result is always the same - fatigue, restless sleep, decreased appetite and libido, muscle weakness.

Fourth: addicted to coffee consumption.
To improve the tone using one cup of coffee is enough. Accustomed to a large dose of caffeine, the body not only does not receive forces and dehydrated. In this case, doctors recommend alternate consumption of coffee and water. Ideal for those who do without coffee - 8 glasses of water a day.

Fifth: the abuse of energy drinks.
Caffeine, taurine and ginseng contained in these drinks, do not spare your liver, nervous and cardiovascular system. Organism mobilizing force ultimately require recovery, and at a constant consumption of such beverages, it is necessary to increase the dose to "energize".

Sixth: the lack of oxygen.
Not everyone is capable aside time for a walk after work, and in fact the lack of oxygen due to stay in closed stuffy rooms leads to fatigue. Problem Solving - oxygen cocktails and breathing exercises: deep breaths for a couple of minutes.

Seventh: the lack of movement.
Movement helps to maintain muscle tone and energy, as strange as it may sound. People that put your body exercise, live longer than couch potatoes, which are more prone to depression and wasting.

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