Rules of the road for cars lady

Rules of the road for cars lady
 Behind the wheel of the car, a woman very quickly proved to be able to manage it is no worse than a man. Girls easily master the skill of driving, they are polite and disciplined on the road. Confidence to drive a car in the traffic, to control the situation, help properly fitted contact lenses or glasses.

The driver should not see just fine - he needs his eyes even at the back, which is why you should not ignore even small visual impairment.

Contact lenses provide no distortion unlike glasses, especially at high diopters. That is why for such a short-sighted people better vision correction. Moreover, even the most advanced limit peripheral vision goggles. Lenses not have this drawback, and always sit properly. Points from time to time have to correct, and it distracts the driver from the road. Another important point is that in the event of an accident increases the risk of hurting your eyes.

However, the lens is unfortunately not ideal. Even if you do not take into account the high cost and special care. Their use is limited by a number of medical problems. People with dry eye syndrome causes severe discomfort physical contact of a foreign body from the cornea. Not wear lenses conjunctivitis, including allergic keratitis and even a simple cold. They absolutely can not be used by people with diabetes and thyroid disease.

Those who are not going to drive the car, you can pick up points, following his own tastes and trends of fashion. Motorists also put in more stringent conditions.

Unfortunately, you can not choose sunglasses with wide temples, since they will block the peripheral vision. The maximum viewing angle provide a frame with thin temples. When buying points is not less important is the comfort factor. It depends on the quality and size of the nose pads rim. If the glasses sit too tightly, applying pressure on the temples and nose, the driver will inevitably be vigilant.

Lenses need only be made of polycarbonate (often called plastic-metal) because they are exceptionally strong. If the accident happens, they will not be broken, but also protect your eyes from debris automotive glass. Has similar properties trayveks.

The degree of correction should be adequate. "Undercorrection" view behind the wheel simply unacceptable. The most serious difficulties experienced by people with presbyopia - the age farsightedness. To see in the distance, they need some glasses, and near - very different. This problem can be solved progressive lenses. They are able to combine different diopters: the lower part allows great to see the instrument panel and the top gives a clear picture of the road.

Naturally, sun glasses are required to delight car owner stylish design. Still, their main task is to transform the bright light from the enemy in a pleasant companion.

Sensitive to ultraviolet radiation photochromic lenses, or "chameleons". They darken the sun and lighter if it becomes cloudy. These glasses are good on the street, but not in the car. This is because in modern machines glass almost completely absorbs ultraviolet rays. Therefore, the usual "chameleons" practically do not protect the driver's eyes. For people traveling on wheels, designed special lenses that change color depending on the intensity of sunlight.

Sunglasses combine the latest generation technology with photochromic polarized. The special film is capable of transmitting light is not caused by the reflection of the sun rays from the wet asphalt, rain-spattered hoods, water surface and other surfaces. These lenses are well protect your eyes from the blinding glare and allow you to keep visual acuity in poor weather conditions.

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