On a bicycle - to impotence?

On a bicycle - to impotence?
 Cycling is one of the most popular in many countries, and Russia - is no exception. As soon as the snow melts, the city's parks are filled with a huge number of people pedaling. You also enjoy cycling? And you know that it can be very harmful to health, and, in the most important place - in the genital area?

It is, of course, more about the professional athletes who wind the two-wheeled pedal your horse every day and in large quantities. The fact is that when sitting on the bike seat load on the groin and perineum increased tenfold. Heard that a sedentary lifestyle is harmful? And all of the fact that the perineum and pelvis are obtained by molding and additional load in the form of total body weight. Circulation is disrupted, and this is leading to various pathologies and disorders in the urogenital area.

Now for the bicycle seat. It is very small in size, and therefore, the area on which the load rests, in much reduced times. The area is reduced, and the pressure is increased accordingly. For men, it is especially important, because it is in a place that so passionately pressed down to the seat bicycle, they are vessels that feed the penis.

In the same way, and the nerves are responsible for its excitement. When riding a bicycle vessel pinched, blood flow is disrupted, and can and does stop, and comes partially numb. Some men, by the way, regularly feel numbness in the genital area is during cycling, but do not attach any special significance. And it is very vain. Know if you feel numbness or any other discomfort, it is a serious reason to throw the bike until it is too late.

Scientific data is backed up statistically, very bad. Scientists have shown that athletes involved in cycling continuously, the number of active sperm decreased by 10-15 times compared with the norm. And this, believe me, is no longer enough to be able to fertilize. Not casually already underway in earnest recommendations for putting sperm bank for all the athletes who are going to go to professional cycling. Moreover, physicians are strongly advised to do it to them before the start of active training.

For women, by the way, frequent cycling, too, is not considered useful. And all for the same reason - disturbed innervation of the perineum and external genitalia lose their sensitivity. Moreover, decreased blood flow may occur in the clitoris, and this in turn leads to a loss of sexual interest and frigidity. Therefore, the pedal is not too often and, especially, do not rush to give their child in cycling. Footwork outdoors - it is certainly good, but who knows what can turn this hobby in the future.

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