How to improve metabolism

How to improve metabolism
 Trim, athletic figure - good kind. We go to all kinds of tricks to achieve this - diet, drugs, extreme loads, all this we are trying to improve your metabolism, often not imagining how to actually do it comprehensively.

Accelerated metabolism of some given birth. Those whom nature has deprived such a gift, have to constantly monitor their weight. But both are susceptible to age-slowing metabolic processes - with the age of the metabolic rate falls.

In order to maintain or speed up the metabolism, it is enough to follow a few simple rules that must be followed at all times.

Rule one. Limit calorie foods that you consume!
Nobody forces you to pace yourself hunger or refuse immediately from all the delicious thing in the world, just count the calories you consume and make a choice in favor of cooked, fresh vegetables and herbs. Eat as many fruits and vegetables, eat vitamins and fiber - these products are not only easily digestible but also clean your stomach and intestines, speeding up digestion and metabolism of your body at all.

The second rule. Forget about diets!
Any starvation - stress to the body, which forces him to slow down the metabolism to conserve materials, and it is clearly not conducive to burning fat and calories.

Rule three. Train!
Use cardio and loads to improve stamina. This way you will achieve burning calories and speed up your metabolism not only during training, but also for three or four hours after, so that, accustomed to constant stress, your body will become more resilient and healthy!

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