How to get out of depression

How to get out of depression
 Rare people who can boast that they do not know what stress and depression. In life there are different situations, and anticipate their offensive and outcome impossible. Someone stumbles, falls, gets up and goes further, and the other to get up and could not shake. So people need the support of others, but not always, unfortunately, is next person who will understand and help. Then you have to get out on their own.  

Impossible to get out of depression, if you ever blame yourself for something to blame and criticize every way. Something can not be changed, so it makes no sense to engage in self-flagellation. Vent their anger and irritation to the family, colleagues and friends are not worth it, as this may end up being close people will turn away from you, and leave alone with problems.

In this state need to communicate. Let your friends know that you are concerned and ask for the part to assess the situation. Perhaps then you will stop torturing remorse and a sense of hopelessness. Sitting at home watching television is strictly contraindicated, should rather go to hot spots with friends in search of entertainment. Arrange a shopping trip, because if you think about it, there is some thing that you already want to buy for a long time, but it still has not happened. Now is the time when it is very useful - treat yourself.

And how about all sorts of goodies! Ice cream, pastries and other equally attractive products that once again scared afford. Here now is the time when it's time to forget about cholesterol and calories, and treat your depression emaciated body. It is considered that antidepressants refers to natural honey, banana, chocolate and other sweet foods.

If everything is really bad, it's time to move on to shock therapy. Skydiving make you forget that not only is depression, but the proper name and address of residence. Of course, you can choose the easier way and roller skating, horse or kayak. It is more suitable for those who are terribly afraid of heights. You can also visit the theater, organ hall, exhibition, and finally a trip to a picturesque place where not want to think about the troubles.

The main force yourself to go forward all the time to be in motion and do not think about the problem, especially if it affects your health. After all, most of the diseases associated with stress. Why wait for a heart attack or other unpleasant consequences.

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