How to deal with the autumn depression?

How to deal with the autumn depression?
 Gray day outside, chilly wind and rain dull hardly a surprise for our latitudes, it is known that after a pleasant summer days always comes autumn, which brings bad weather. And yet this knowledge does not relieve a lot of people from melancholy and what is called autumn depression. With this condition should be fought because it is not only a worsening of mood, but also with the physiological processes in the body.

Gray skies, rain and drooping, dying leaves are not the best show for a good mood. You'll have to decorate your life in this period with bright colors. Clean away depressive dark clothing. Brown, red, yellow - this is something that will help improve your mood.

Try to change the situation around you - clean the room, change the curtains in the apartment, hang on the wall a vivid picture or make a big, "warm" pictures. Set your home well lit, which is slightly prolong daylight and help adapt to other conditions.

We should not sit and miss home. There are many different places worth visiting - tours, movies, museums, exhibitions, theaters. You get a lot of impressions, food for the mind and the senses, and for depression simply no place in my heart. In autumn, each person needs more fresh air. Appreciate days are serene, and once restored the good weather, go for a walk. You can take your camera - pictures of bright yellow luxury red scenery will delight you at any time.

Gather your friends and head out into the countryside. Autumn leaves rustling underfoot, smoke fire, delicious barbecue and intimate conversations will give you lots of positive emotions.

Do not forget about proper nutrition. To prepare the body for winter, strengthen the immune system and raise the autumnal mood, type in your daily menu, bright fruit (oranges, apples, etc.); fatty fish containing omega-3; chocolate and bananas; legumes; nuts; wholemeal bread. But such heavy foods like meat and smoked products, can exacerbate depression autumn, so try to lean on them less. Fight depression can help you herbal teas, broth hips, Chinese magnolia vine and Eleutherococcus tincture.

Anyone who moves a lot, playing sports or dancing, hardly prone to bouts of seasonal melancholy. Think you on a hike in the gym or at least a run on the wonderful autumn park. And if you and sports - are incompatible, then take and create: drawing, modeling, knitting, beading, etc. Hobbies excellent distraction from the bad mood.

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