Gossip improve health?

Gossip improve health?
 Often people are gossips image as jet maiden, whose unsettled life and there is a bunch of sores "because of the anger to the world." But psychologists say that the portrait of this gossip is different.
 According to psychologists, the "ideal" gossip - a fun healthy middle-aged woman, happy and active for a lifetime. Social psychology experts estimate that 85 percent of all women are almost physiological pleasure when listening to the details of one's life. Every tenth woman can not keep a secret to learn the secret. Spill the beans, it is morally begins to feel better, as if a stone fell from the soul - even pressure returns to normal.

Even discussion gossip gives a feeling of well-being and increases the feeling of unity with society. Even if women do not personally know people discuss, they still enjoy.

Dr Colin Gill, who has studied the issue of gossip, proved that discuss other people's lives activate the production of serotonin - a hormone-antideprissanta and reduce the level of anxiety and stress. A gossip at night - a good tool for quality sleep.

Another observed that when people gossip, they laugh a lot more than when watching comedies. If you genuinely laugh often, can be overcome hypertension and strengthen the heart muscle. This fact has long been proved.

Scientists from Harvard University argue that gossip - is the engine of evolution - as the discussions help to gather useful information about the nature and behavior of other people and enrich personal psychological experience.

Gossip help ward off bad people live in certain groups and understand what behavior is quite adequate for each group. In the community of monkeys plays a similar role vyiskivanie each other parasites.

All this only works when people gossip, not substituting thus other people with his talk. Indeed, shame, anger and envy - feelings nepozitivnye therefore, can cause serious harm to health.

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