Chronic fatigue: control methods

Chronic fatigue: control methods
 The rhythm of modern life is harsh enough. To match it, people often put a lot of effort. In combination with the lack of proper rest and malnutrition in haste, is not without the body. Chronic fatigue syndrome - are not uncommon, especially in the cold season, when the holiday has long passed, and before the new still far away.
 Chronic fatigue is not a physical phenomenon, although the effects are in this sphere. Exhaustion of this kind occurs when a person experiences too much mental and psychological burden. Several recommendations to help cope with these difficulties.

The most important way to combat mental fatigue is exercise. Try as much as possible to move. In the morning, doing exercises. In the evening, if possible, run. During operation sometimes come off on trying to make a couple of sit-ups. At lunchtime stroll. Body gets so he needs oxygen, head immediately starts to work better, and fatigue diminished.

Be optimistic. This load you will not last forever, soon all hands on deck at work is finished, it will become easier. If you only think about how tired or exhausted, this is just more tired you.

The short nap in the middle of the day, if you have the opportunity to become his, can improve business. But it really should be short. Half an hour is enough. Human sleep has two phases: fast and deep. If you sleep more than an hour, you will inevitably come a deep sleep phase, after which you will feel overwhelmed.

Over the weekend, do not sit at home. Arrange a little adventure. Embark on an interesting place to ski if the window is winter, take a swim in the river, if the summer. Create your little adventure. It will shake you emotionally, give forces for some time to come.

Communicate with those with whom you are well. Some people complain a lot, blaming all their problems in, and after talking to them you will feel even more tired. Keep communicating with such companions to a minimum. Meet with those who can cheer you up and infect his optimism. Do not create an atmosphere of despondency and despair.

Breathe deeply. So you get more oxygen, and the body is able to quickly deal with fatigue.

Before going to bed, try to relax. Do not work and neither do complex cases after 9 pm. Intense mental work before going to bed leads to the fact that you do not sleep. Sleep - this is the most important tool for relaxation, it is needed throughout the body. Also make sure that during sleep you did not hurt, get enough sleep.

You may not be able to follow all the recommendations, but the use of at least two or three of them already give good results in the fight against chronic fatigue.

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