Adjust a healthy lifestyle

Adjust a healthy lifestyle
 Maintain a healthy style food and personal care has recently become very popular. Moreover, more and more civilized society elevates the concept of health in the cult and gives him time not less than the problems of social and fiscal policy. However, such a commitment to a healthy lifestyle should be remembered that the main thing that among the enemies of the health of the man himself has not appeared.  

Basis for the preservation of physical and mental health is to observe the following rules.

At least half an hour a day should be engaged in physical training - doing gymnastics, hiking, and try as much as possible to move.

Considerable attention should be paid to nutrition. The diet should include foods containing fiber and cereals, as well as daily servings of fruits and vegetables. Cooking is desirable to produce vegetable oil and possibly at a low temperature. Cooking time should be reduced to a minimum holding in the products of the most useful vitamins.

Do not forget about eating habits - do not eat late at night and frequency of food consumption to increase to five times a day.

Sleep is also part of care. Get up and go to bed, it is desirable at a fixed time, and duration of sleep should be at least eight hours.

And of course, a prerequisite of health is not smoking and alcohol.

All of these rules, of course, working for the good of man, but of excessive obsession can lead to negative consequences. Some people refuse not only from harmful products, but also on useful, gradually moving to the mode of chronic malnutrition. In medicine, there was even the name of this disorder of the human psyche - ortoreksiya.

When manic respect to a healthy lifestyle people do not just give up salty, fatty or fried foods. Their power mode reduces the share of meat products. As a result of frequent muscle aches, fatigue develops and menstrual irregularities in women. Out of fear to interrupt the so-called healthy eating patterns, some are even afraid of having children.

So, before you attend to a healthy lifestyle, you should carefully examine their ability and willingness to not turn into an enemy then your health.

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