10 Tips to Prevent Breast Cancer

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 Who does not like a woman to understand how sensitive the body is the female breast. However, even knowing this, the fair sex is very often ignore the pain in his chest. At the same time, when in the second half of the menstrual cycle, the breasts begin to react strongly enough to hormonal action spasms in the body - the girls still do not pay proper attention. It is a major mistake, because in itself healthy breast should never hurt, and even more so after menstruation.  

When there are pains in the chest - it can be the first manifestation of mastitis. In turn, breast are benign breast disease, which is very dangerous for women's health.

At the same time untreated breast can turn into cancer. In this case, there are 10 tips to help prevent breast cancer.

1. The less time spent in the sun. After tan direct effect on the endocrine system, which may lead to a specific hormonal imbalance.

2. Try not to worry about trifles. Less nerves and calm as much as possible. Stresses also affect the hormonal balance of the female body. Besides all that helps you to remove tension (except alcohol and smoking) helps your chest. For example, it can be soothing or Motivational drugs.

3. Much attention is paid to their bra. It is best to use natural cotton underwear. Too tight bras or presence of iron stones do not bring discomfort, but may even injure your chest.

4. Do not use any hormonal creams.

5. Eat less coffee. Caffeine not only actively stimulates the nervous system, but also is able to provoke a hormonal imbalance. Also, excess caffeine can promote connective tissue in the mammary glands, which leads to the cysts.

6. Drink plenty of green tea. Green tea contains a lot of nutrients to the female body.

7. Every six months, check the chest in mammalogy.

8. At the first suspicions about the development you have mastitis, for any painful sensation in the chest or the appearance of it seals - immediately contact your doctor.

9. Eat more healthy food: Your diet should be filled with fruits and vegetables. Try to maintain your normal weight. Drink a moderate amount of fluid.

10. Perform regular exercise. Engage in fitness or regular gymnastics.

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