Ways to cheer up

Ways to cheer up
 How to cheer up, for themselves each defines its own way. For one cup tonic tea will charge the new portion of enthusiasm, and the other from the hot tea becomes dormant. We consider several ways to achieve optimal cheerful spirit, which are relevant both at home and in the office.

Will shape the thoughts drunk a glass of clean drinking water. Tea, coffee and, especially, soda does not lead you to feeling like plain water. Our body is 80% water, so it is manifested in the lack of fatigue, headache and general lethargy. Even if you do not want to drink, that is no reason for refusing a glass of water. The more you drink daily rate of clean water (2, 5 - 3 liters) you are unlikely to perform.

Make a series of physical exercises. Stand up from your chair, arms out to the side, take a few steps chaotic, not paying attention to surprise colleagues. Let them poison the body energy cocktail or six cups of strong coffee, and you will bring your body only benefit. In a seated position can make a few slopes to try to reach the tip of the feet, etc.

Well cheer up the fresh air helps. Make a break for a few minutes. Go outside, take a walk. A change of scenery, coupled with fresh air into your body breathe new strength.

Change activity. For example, if you are busy drafting table, go for a couple of minutes to concoct original toast. Certainly in the next month from your friend or relative is planned birthday. Make a blank greetings in advance.

Talk to extraneous topics with colleagues or call a friend. New topic of conversation will help you relax and take a break from the usual work. And if the topic of conversation will affect you for "live", the body immediately wakes up and his head will work with a vengeance.

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