The influence of the Christmas holidays on health

The influence of the Christmas holidays on health
 Talk about the need for such a long holiday in the New Year holidays go to Russia is not the first year. While officials scratching their heads over the issue, all Russians leave 10 days for rest or move some of them in May, the country continues to have fun and to walk in a big way. However, according to the assurances of doctors, not in all cases, so the fun is prolonged human body good.
 For many, it seems that the long New Year's holidays - a time when you can have time to catch up on sleep for the whole year of employment, eat heartily and plenty naobschatsya with friends and family. Yes, of course, for the 10 days of rest can be converted huge number of cases, to perform many of the plans that are shelved, and a good rest. However, for some reason, many feel after a 10-day marathon tired and completely exhausted. And the reasons for this are many.

Firstly, overeating. The abundance of food in every home, mandatory trips to visit with a traditional feast - all of this has a negative impact on the human body as a whole. Liver and stomach hard to cope with their duties to digest a huge amount of incompatible products. As a result, people can torment abdominal pain, constant feeling of heaviness and sleep disturbance.

The second reason why people can not relax fully - is alcohol abuse. Not necessarily that the person for the holidays drank liters of strong drinks. After all, even malopyuschy Russians manage to toast to the New Year and Christmas table almost his entire annual rate. Again, such a load difficult to cope liver and kidneys. A constant presence in the blood of hops a bad effect on the work of the brain. Hence, regular pain in the head.

In addition, completely mess up mode of the day man. People wake up late, eat breakfast in the lunch and dinner during dinner. The very same night dinner flows into excessive food intake. This also leads to complete disbalansirovke whole organism.

As well as psychologists claim, on the part of the population may develop so-called postnovogodny depression. According to statistics only 8% of Russians can afford such a long weekend to go to cafes, restaurants, clubs and other entertainment venues. Others are forced to spend that time either at home or at a party. Long holidays require large material costs, even if you just stay at home. These factors and introduce people instead of joy into depression.

Another disadvantage of this long holiday - very hard then join in the work. Therefore, the remaining half of the month the company are not working at full capacity, waiting for the same employees will bounce back.

If you do not want the New Year holidays have become a burden for you and have a bad effect on the body, competently organize their leisure time. Select family on nature, play in the snow, tumble in the snow, remember his childhood. You can also easily go ice skating or skiing, sculpt a snowman or go on a tour of their city. Surely it has a lot of places, the existence of which you do not even suspect. Do yourself a holiday with their hands, and then New Year's holiday will have on you only have a positive impact.

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