Sleepless nights workaholic. What are the reasons?

Sleepless nights workaholic. What are the reasons?
 Workaholics - people who for various reasons have found solace and distraction from their problems at work, making it a habit and addiction. But, working half the time or more, in addition to respect for superiors, they often get huge health problems. And one of the signs is insomnia.

Many of us often work under stress: a very short time and the constant pressure of the authorities, regular delay after the end of the official working day. However, there are people who like such a regime, and their name - workaholics.

Workaholics are, for various reasons, and often unconsciously, but stop being so - a complex and often lengthy process. But he - is necessary because with a raise, caused by regular adaptations and praise superiors frequent health problems in the family.

The most common problem workaholic - insomnia. Perhaps it begins with it everything else. It would seem that after a tiring day at work and prolonged brain must require rest, but there it was. Configured mode "activity" nervous system is already in use at some point reserve forces - what we call a "second wind" and now it is not easy to settle down.

Unresolved questions regarding the recall was in bed before going to bed without giving relax and disconnect. Sleep for a workaholic becomes a real problem as a rule, "otsypanie" comes the weekend, really stealing watches legal holidays. Sometimes with insomnia nightmares come when overloaded brain gives information in a bizarre dream.

The result of the outbreak becomes insomnia or sleeping pills sleep "in the morning" after many attempts to sleep. A wake-up call to the - already very long ... A long series of similar nights leads to the fact that the body gets used to the 4-5 hours of sleep interval and late fall asleep, and rebuild it on the old way becomes easy. The body works hard.

The most important advice when started insomnia - distracted. Physical activity, for example, in the gym. A hot bath with relaxing salts and aromatic oils will ease the problem much restful sleep.

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