In order not to harm the health, must be taken seriously to the choice of pillows, because it can cause migraines, back pain and neck muscles. What should sleep to avoid a headache, you should pay attention to its softness, size, shape and filler.

When choosing a pillow, in the first place, we should pay attention to its size, which should be a standard length and width - 50x70 or 70x70 ,, to enclose it not only under his head, but under the neck.

Complicated things with height. In the dream, chin to chest will sink if dumochki would be too big. Bending of the cervical spine in this position flattens, you may experience pain.

A person can normally sleep when all his muscles relaxed in the supine position, but this is impossible without support. Just cushion and performs this function: it assumes the weight of the head and gives rest to the spine.

Ideally, the back of the head should be slightly rise above the lower part of the body, so the height is not pressed against the pillow should be from nine to five centimeters. When turning on its side, the head should maintain a level position and did not fail too low. For example, for a broad-shouldered man size pillow height of fifteen centimeters.

Who breathing problems, namely pulmonary fibrosis, bronchitis, bronchiectasis, the recommended height of the pillow over seventeen inches, because the horizontal position of the person sinks language in the larynx, breathing becomes difficult. Such a condition can be avoided if to lift your upper body above.

Proven centuries, rectangular and square shape pillow is considered optimal. It can swivel from side to side, there is nothing stopping to lie in any position.

Today, in addition to traditional pillows sold so-called "ergonomic". They repeated curves of the human body, a notch under the cushion under his head and neck. Such improvements hinder change posture during sleep, and their cost is much higher.

Many believe that to prevent back problems can, if you sleep on orthopedic pillows. However, it is not. Therapeutic dumochki not intended for prevention, and for patients with musculo-skeletal disorders.

Fillers cushions are natural and synthetic. Synthetic insides with an orthopedic point of view are considered better as they keep their shape. But natural materials rapidly deform under the weight of the human body and are the real allergens.

Therefore, the choice should be left on the pillow combination, which is also packed with two types of fillers.

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