Once and for all: Tips decided to quit smoking

Once and for all: Tips decided to quit smoking
 With enviable regularity majority of smokers comes to the idea of ​​parting with a cigarette. Unfortunately, the struggle is often unequal, and "willpower" inferior habit. Although mankind has invented a huge number of "helpers": nicotine patches, gum and lozenges, tablets, and methods of influence on the psyche - smokers does not become less.

You can, of course, to stop smoking for a month, a year or even a few years, but in my head is still "a lit lamp" - a dependency that is just waiting in the wings (stress or customary conditions) to remind myself again.

Nevertheless, the successful experience of failure of nicotine addiction is. Most research suggests that spontaneous way out of cigarettes is most effective. Not when appoints "Monday", while constantly thinking about cigarettes, and considering the amount smoked (sooner or later failure will happen), but when smoked the last and all - there are circumstances which do not give the possibility to smoke, and then does not prohibit myself, but just realize that you do not need it. And this "accident" can try to create artificially.

First, do not need to constantly be thinking about cigarettes, set the timing and counting of cigarettes smoked. Even if you are firmly determined to quit smoking, do not turn it into an obsession, everything should be natural, otherwise return to cigarettes is inevitable.

Second, think of motivation: health, economy, loved one, does not tolerate the smell of tobacco. You can enter for a system of incentives - the money saved to buy a gift.

Actively use situations where there is no possibility to have a cigarette - a long meeting, the disease. Even just pure laziness (go to the store) can become a huge helper in this difficult matter. Survived this time without a cigarette, then be able to continue. Do not be amiss to analyze the situation where there is a desire to smoke and to find another model of behavior in such moments.

Sometimes it is enough to replace the cigarette (something that can be kept in the mouth and hand), for example, candy.

Quite effective for all its banality way to quit smoking - do sports. Not only through the power, and the kind, which is the soul, and that is really a pleasure.

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