Massages: sports, general and local

Massages: sports, general and local
 Massage has long been considered one of the best means of relaxation and rehabilitation of health. It is a system of mechanical impact on the human body with the hands or special tools to restore disturbed functions of the body, improve physical and mental abilities, relieve fatigue, disease prevention.

It is based primarily on the knowledge of anatomy, which helps therapists find the roots of various diseases in the body and properly affect the required zone. Massage increases the elasticity of muscle fibers, slow muscle atrophy, helps to "resolve" a rigid nodes caused by muscle spasms. There are many types of massage: cosmetic, hygienic, reflex-segmental, connective tissue, cupping, general, local, sports.

The overall therapeutic massage or full body massage performed 1, 5 - 2 hours. By the way, in the classical theory of massage to designate a period of time in which it is running, put such a thing as "massage unit." One unit of massage is 10 minutes. Full body massage allows to work all muscle groups, perfectly relaxing, helps to increase the protective functions of the body.

During the general massage work with the muscles of the body is in a certain sequence, different systems offer different sequences. At therapeutic massage is performed first massage back, legs, chest and arms with the patient lying on his stomach, then the patient is turned onto his back and massage continues on the arms, legs and abdomen. In general massage techniques are performed in the following sequence: stroking, rubbing, kneading and vibration.

Local massage is carried out on parts of the body. It is often necessary when dealing with any particular disease. Back massage is probably one of the most common types of local massage. It is used to combat gastrointestinal diseases, liver, urinary system, spine, helps with metabolic disorders, prolapse of internal organs, arthritis, arthrosis and osteochondrosis. At each massage area is given its number of massage units.

Sports massage can serve different purposes. There are several subspecies: a preliminary massage, training and rehabilitation. Each of them serves a different purpose: to prepare the body for intense training, develop ligaments and muscles to warm up or, conversely, relieve stress after a tiring workout. For sports massage is important sport and the degree of load to which the athlete.

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