I want to quit, but do not know how

I want to quit, but do not know how
 Many ways to quit smoking, but this should be done gradually. Having made the decision, think about how your life has changed after giving up cigarettes. The main source of the desire to quit smoking should be you, so you need the awareness of all side effects that may ensue.
 Plan a gradual shift away from the habit of light a cigarette in an hour, or such other time - each individual smoker it. Increase the time without smoking for a few minutes, thus reducing the number of cigarettes smoked.

Find the equivalent replacement cigarette. Many smokers in the first stage of withdrawal help or chewing sucking candy. Modern manufacturers produce the coverings with taste of nicotine. Modern assistant "former smokers" was the electronic cigarette. It mimics the tobacco through the steam generation, which may contain nicotine. According to the manufacturer, the electronic cigarette allows you to control both physical and psychological dependence.

There are medications and special patches that remove nicotine dependence. However, you should consult a doctor because many of them have side effects that violate the usual human condition.

Effective action contributing to switching are sports. Moderate exercise improves mood, intensive help to keep the old weight. The fact that many smokers recruited pounds after abandoning the cigarette.

Accustomed to live without smoking, follow a certain diet. The body should not experience stress due to lack of nutrients and vitamins. Turn necessarily foods containing carotene: carrots, pumpkin, spinach. Drink plenty of water to remove toxins from the body.

In moments of intense desire to smoke, try to escape even for a few minutes. Tackle things you love or just talk on the phone.

It is difficult to cope with this problem alone. Tell about your decision to family and close friends, that in times of crisis they helped you do not go back to the cigarette.

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