How to solve problems with memory

How to solve problems with memory
 Memory problems - it's quite common. Sometimes people forget to do the most basic things: turn off the lights, close the door, to make the necessary purchases in the store. Forgetfulness may be caused by different reasons, but the memory can be successfully trained.
 Memory training techniques very much, and everyone can choose the most interesting and appropriate way to reinforce your memory. If you forget to turn off the light you, iron, locked the door, and sometimes even have to go back to see if you left your house in order, you will very simple trick. Each time, producing automatic action, pronounces his thoughts in mind, for example: "I turn off the iron", "I close the door," etc.

If you forget to shop in store, before leaving the house makes lists of what you need to buy. Read them carefully several times and leave the house. Thus you train visual memory. The first time you can take the list with you and to not go to the store several times, but use it after you have already collected his cart in the supermarket. Just check whether all the items you need you put in the cart.

If you need to remember some information, then the way associations, unfamiliar words or names of medicines try to associate with what is familiar to you, then, if necessary, they will be much easier to remember.

Several exercises to train your memory:

Within 30 seconds, consider an object. Close your eyes and try to imagine it in all the smallest details. Then open your eyes, try to find what you missed in mind.

Or try to draw from memory the object and compare it with the original.

Try to remember a phrase that often says someone you know. Remember all his intonations, and then close your eyes and try to mentally "hear" represented.

Try to remember the evening for the past day in the smallest details. Scroll down his head like a movie. Remember the faces of the people with whom you have met, their voices, objects, weather and lighting features.

For memory training can also teach poetry or foreign words. Presses his memory every day. Scientists have long noted that people who lead a rich intellectual life, keep an excellent memory and a clear mind to the very elderly.

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