How to prevent the flu

How to prevent the flu
 Each year, with the onset of the cold season begins mass flu. This is a dangerous disease, and not only because the flows in certain cases very difficult. The main danger of flu is that it leads to serious complications that can affect almost every system of the body: the nervous, cardiovascular, bone, etc.
 Most severely suffer complications of influenza elderly people, pregnant women, young children, as well as those whose immunity for some reason weakened. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the prevention of influenza, keeping in mind that any disease is easier to prevent than to cure.

In the case of a sharp rise in the number of people who become ill with influenza (especially if it takes an epidemic of what should notify the health authorities), wear in public medical mask. In many countries (such as Japan, where people pay great attention to their health) this has long been a matter of course. In Russia, however, continues to apply a protective mask as the exotic. But to no avail. Own health and the health of loved ones is more important than blank stares ignorant.

Pregnant women should be possible to minimize contact with other people as little as possible to use public transport. And if this can not be avoided - also wear a face mask and strictly observe personal hygiene measures.

You can use the protective (Phytoncidal) properties of some plants. Even grandparents fled from the flu simple but quite effective way: put on your neck necklace, where the role played beads pieces of onion and garlic. Of course, due to the strong odor and a specific method can only be used at home. It is necessary to change these necklaces at least 1 - 2 times a day - because the concentration of volatile production allocated onion and garlic, is gradually reduced.

Play an important role measures to hardening of the body. In this case, even if the disease can not be avoided, it is almost certain to take place in a relatively mild form, and most importantly - do not give complications. In agreement with your doctor, you can take drugs that enhance immunity (for example, Eleutherococcus tincture), various vitamin complexes. Good prophylactic role coating the nasal mucosa protective ointment oxolinic type - it acts as a barrier to infection.

Whether to do if the protective influenza vaccination? There is no consensus even among physicians. The fact that a plurality of influenza virus strains, and to predict which of them cause epidemics almost impossible. So that each person is addressing the issue as it appears to be correct.

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