How to clean your body

How to clean your body
 In today's world, many people are beginning to think about cleaning your body. The reasons for this may be plenty. Starting with individual diseases to poor environmental conditions in the region. Another big reason is the realization of what we eat.

Step One - intestinal lavage.
Add a spoonful of lemon juice in two liters of cooled boiled water. Pour it all into a mug or douches usually larger enema. Position during the reception - on the elbows and knees. Breathe in the mouth, stomach relax. The procedure is done before bedtime. The first week, repeat every day; the second - in a day; third - two days; fourth - three days; fifth - once a week. This method has been used since the time of yogis.

Step Two - separate meals.
The essence of this method lies in the fact that all the food is sub-divided into four groups:
- Protein (meat, fish, eggs, broth, mushrooms, seeds, nuts, etc.);
- Carbohydrate (bread, cereals, sugar, potatoes, honey, etc.);
- Fat-containing;
- Living foods (fruits, herbs, berries, fresh juices, vegetables (except potatoes), etc.).

The principle of the division - do not combine protein and carbohydrate-containing food. Live foods and fats can be combined with all groups. That is the main thing - to divide carbohydrates and proteins. The secret is simple. For example, if you eat meat, do not combine it with bread.

The third step - the fight against dysbiosis.
Within one week on an empty stomach in the morning you need to eat a clove of garlic for an hour before a meal and clove in the evening - two hours after a meal. A sign of purification is no bulging stomach after eating.
The fourth step - cleaning the joints.

Dip in 300 ml of water 5 g bay leaf and simmer for five minutes. Then insist in a thermos for 3-4 hours. Solution pour and drink small sips for twelve hours. But in any case, do not drink it all at once - may start bleeding. The procedure is repeated for three days. This procedure will help get rid of the salt deposits, seasonal joint pain, etc.

The fifth step - cleaning the liver.
The procedure is done in three days. At first it is necessary to do an enema in the morning on an empty stomach. Eat all day only apple juice. On the second day - do the same.

On the third day, repeat the same steps, but drink apple juice just before seven o'clock in the evening. Then lie down in bed, put a heating pad on the area of ​​the liver and drink every fifteen minutes, olive oil and lemon juice in the following sequence: 3 tablespoons butter and then immediately 3 tablespoons of juice. Thus, it is necessary to adopt 300 ml of lemon juice and 300 ml of olive oil.

The sixth step - cleaning the kidneys.
It is better to spend the summer in the watermelon season. Your diet for three weeks - watermelons and black bread.

Of course, all methods of cleaning the body should be carried out under the strict supervision of your doctor. Should not begin this procedure without first consulting a physician and passing the required tests.

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