Holidays with health benefits

Holidays with health benefits
 Leave each person needs to take a break from the usual problems, a variety of impression, relax after a hard work, to relieve stress and improve your health. Most people get the most out of the holiday and positive emotions, but for some people a change of climate and time zones becomes a serious challenge. How to turn a vacation in a pleasant and useful activities that contribute to improving rather than worsening health?

People who are aware of the sensitivity of the organism and rapidly respond to changes in the environment, must comply with certain rules when traveling to other countries. Many women experience nausea in the road and dizziness - to avoid motion sickness, you can not sit on a train or a plane on an empty stomach. Two hours before departure you need a square meal, and on the road to eat small meals or not eat at all, replacing food with soft drinks, but excluded from the diet alcohol.

Mints and chewing gum to help cope with nausea during rocking, but in order not to encourage this feeling, it is better not to look at the road to the side windows or portholes. People who are prone to motion sickness, it is best to travel in a dream. If the trip is long - for example, you are traveling by train or bus - try not to stay in one position for a long time. Need to regularly change the position, stretches his legs and walk to bus stops to avoid swelling and venous thrombosis. In transport, it is necessary to take off your shoes.

If your body is responding to the sharp change of climate, which could result in drowsiness and fatigue, and you will not feel such joy from the rest, try to advance before the trip to begin to comply with the regime that you will comply with the resort. At least one week before traveling to normalize mode of the day - time to go to bed and wake up on time and do not sleep in the afternoon.

In hot weather, you need to protect themselves from heat stroke - for that you need to wear the bright sun wide-brimmed hat, and close the open parts of the body tissue, if your skin is prone to burns. If after a long stay in the sun you feel weakness and nausea, put a wet T-shirt and wash with cold water and immediately go into the shadows. This will help to cope with heat stress.

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