Friends drinking is bad for health

Friends drinking is bad for health
 A man very much influenced by its environment. Therefore, it is not surprising that drinking friends are bad for the health.

Friends, anyway, affect a person. From this point of drinking friends - this is not the best option and here's why.
Reason One: The views of the world.

Often, drinking and non-drinking people have different views on the world. And if the first thing - physical pleasure, the latter value their own health and peace of mind. It is clear that when communicating such people will be conflicts, and sooner or later someone will entice other on "their side."
Reason Two: entertainment.

Drinking and non-drinking people have fun in different ways. For a typical drinking Saturday night - a club or bar. Those who do not drink, prefer hiking, trips not nature. The first, of course, more detrimental to health. So, if you're not even drinking, so spending time with friends, do not honor your body.
Reason Three: attitude.

As a rule, people are drinking themselves and their health is not too responsibly. They are often under the influence of alcohol, engage in dubious ventures that are not always good for health. You, being near friends, also unwittingly become participants in dangerous adventures. And it can harm not only the direct instigators - your friends, but also yourself.

Friends - people close in spirit and beliefs, and so think twice whether you need drinking friends. Quite often, people use alcohol, are not only a special look at the world, entertainment, and attitude towards themselves, but also look at friendship. Whether or not to make friends with the drinking man - every man for himself decides itself, and only you can make the right decision.

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