Circadian rhythms: an owl or an early bird

Circadian rhythms: an owl or an early bird
 There are several types of people who have their own specific daily biorhythms. Some people wake up early, others late go to bed. That people feel comfortable in planning their activities it is necessary to consider who he is - "Owl" or "bird".  
 In modern medicine, all people are divided into the five chronotype. For example, one-third of humanity - is "owl", which tend to wake up late and go to bed. This type is divided into two subspecies - in typical evening "owls" and the evening and daytime.

Although a "larks" who wake up at dawn and go to bed early, is one-sixth of the total population, but the beginning of the working day, usually focused on them. The main varieties "Lark" - a typical view and morning-day. The most favorable option, which, according to experts, is an intermediate - a "doves." People who belong to this type, when necessary, can be arranged under any other type.

To achieve that day regimen is fully consistent with circadian rhythms, it is difficult for many reasons. However, there are some tips that help you not only improve mood and well-being, but also to make your workflow more efficient.

First of all, make important decisions and engage in the most serious cases it is best to the appropriate time of day (for "larks" This is the first half, for "owls" - the second). No matter to what chronotype you think about, do not forget - to recover spent force during the day, at night and need a rest restful sleep. Not to harm your health and figure, "owls" not worth to prefer late and a hearty dinner.

It is necessary to take into account the circadian rhythms not only for recreation, but also performing other activities. For example, they are very important in planning the schedule sports. Thus, the "owls" feel more refreshed in the morning hour and a half to help the load after a busy day. If the force on them is not enough - the alternative could be yoga or running multiple strength training. The ideal solution is to "Lark" are active morning workout. While the "blue" can be engaged at any time of the day, with the exception of lunch hours when they are most in need of rest.

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