Autumn immunity: how to prepare the body for winter

Autumn immunity: how to prepare the body for winter
 The beginning of autumn is the best time to think about improving immunity. Ahead of the cold, the flu epidemic, lack of vitamins and sunlight. Therefore, how you set up the body, depends on how you spend the winter.

All summer you have the opportunity to get vitamins along with fresh fruits and vegetables. But, unfortunately, vitamins do not accumulate in your body, as in the pantry. And in order not to feel their lack of need to enter in the diet of foods with a lot of your content. First, it concerns vitaminC. In many respects his presence depends the body's ability to fight colds. No less important in this capacity and vitaminsB. Eat more kiwi, sweet peppers, citrus fruits, fish and dairy products.

Iron deficiency leads to lower levels of hemoglobin, which leads to fatigue, dizziness and weakness. Eat more eggs, meat, seafood and apples. And Eat apples with the skin. It just provides the greatest amount of iron.

You can use the pharmacy alcohol tincture of echinacea. Every day, three times a day drink 50 ml. It significantly raises the body's defenses.

It has long been known that the best way to protect against influenza is vaccination. Do not refuse it, if you value your health.

In order to strengthen the body, increase resistance, try to observe the regime of the day. For example, it is necessary for a good rest for 7-8 hours of healthy sleep. Eat at regular intervals. The organism has its own rhythm, and constantly breaking mode, you make a mess in his work.

Tempered by exercise and water treatments. Start the morning with a small charge and a contrast shower. Walk in the evening before bedtime. Do not neglect personal hygiene. Returning home be sure to wash your hands. Especially if during the day you were in the crowded bridges. Many bacteria are activated in the autumn, is transmitted during touch handrails, door handles, banknotes and coins.

Rinse daily nasal passages. It is best to use a solution of sea salt. Procedure will help fight germs that falls on the nasal mucosa.

And try to spend the last warm days, as close as possible to nature, a group of friends that would charge like a good mood.


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