6 ways to cheer up

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 Sometimes morning awakening becomes sheer torture, one has only enough sleep even on the eve of a couple of hours. And what will happen in the morning, if the whole night at the night took place in the high jinks, and say no. But there are six effective ways that can not only cheer up after a painful awakening, but also charge a great mood for the whole day.

1. Invigorating Shower
That douche instantly helps to recover. Be sure to start it with hot water, and then, well progrevshis, go to cool. Is necessary to repeat several times the alternation. And, using a shower gel with a citrus flavor, you can get a double charge of vivacity and freshness.

2. Light exercise
Do some simple and smooth stretching exercises, dance to your favorite music or just do physical activity - a choice of options of morning exercise is great, one has only to listen to their feelings and to choose a suitable, for you, the way.

3. Regular jogging
On the health effects of many races have heard. But that morning jog and brings more feeling emotional lift, few people know. Make it a habit, a regular run in the morning and you forget what a bad mood and well-being, and your figure will acquire the desired shape.

4. Aromatic Therapy
Since ancient times, it is known that odors have a strong impact on the human body. There are certain flavors that encourage us to stimulate the vitality and efficiency. These include the smells of citrus, ginger, bergamot, rosemary, basil or mint. Use only a few drops of any refreshing fragrance, and the effect is not long to wait.

5. Natural coffee
Coffee is one of the most familiar and fast way to relieve drowsiness. Only for this we need a natural, freshly brewed and preferably freshly drink. Of instant coffee is better to abstain, it will only worsen the situation and instead of awakening energy, you get the opposite result.

6. Good Sex
One of the most enjoyable ways to cheer up a sex at dawn. It stimulates the release of estrogen, which provide an instant lift forces and mood. In addition, charging may be replaced, as all strengthens the muscles involved in the process.

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