Yoga - Asana instead of drugs?

Yoga - Asana instead of drugs?
 Health easy to lose. Each person is given the nature of God - someone better and stronger, someone weaker. However, everyone, if you put yourself to one or another purpose in this life, will achieve a great deal. Health, unfortunately, can not buy, but if over it properly and work hard, it is still very long you will be happy.

Many doctors say that most drugs, while treating one organ in the human body, another cause enormous damage.

Since ancient times, wise people doing yoga. In our modern world, yoga has become a lot more people than ever before, because this type of physical activity has on our body only positive effects. Let's take a detailed look at everything to do with yoga in modern times.

Begin to practice yoga need to trim warms up the muscles position, that is, with stretching the muscles of the back and hips. No wonder it is beginning to stretch the back, as in the spinal cord are the most sensitive nerve endings that quickly and dramatically signals the brain. This position allows you to relax the whole body and transported into a world of harmony.

Next, you need to continue to exercise a power key, for example, pose "flat line". To do it, you need to take the emphasis lying down, straighten your arms and focus all their energy on their hands. The main thing - is to have fun during these exercises and be in harmony with your body. In the next step, go to the abdominal strength exercises, and then the legs.

At the final stage of psychologists always recommend doing your favorite exercise. Such exercises can be attributed tree pose. It lies in the fact that a person is standing on one leg, having closed palms. This position allows you to splash out on an energy level a lot of positive hormones. It was on such a high note should end your exercise.

Take care of yourself, love yourself and take care of your health, it will be grateful to you.

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